Deltex Instruments purchased Doptek in 1989. The two companies ran in parallel until 1st October 1992, when Deltex Medical was officially incorporated. The development of ODM1 was directly led by the MD thesis of Dr Mervyn Singer (now Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at University College Hospital, London) entitled “Continuous Haemodynamic Monitoring by Oesophageal Doppler”.

Developments in the Oesophageal Doppler led to the release of the ODM2 in 1995. This was subsequently followed by upgraded technology in the form of CardioQ (1999) and the CardioQ-ODM (2008). The CardioQ-ODM+, the world’s first fluid management system incorporating both ODM and PPWA technologies, were released in 2012.

In 2001, Deltex Medical passed the £1million turnover mark with sales of £1.3million. Deltex was floated on the AIM market in November 2001.

ODM technology has since received a number of awards and recommendations. These include the NICE MTG3 Guidelines, published in 2011, being named as one of six High Impact Innovations in Innovation, Health and Wealth (2011) as well as a recommendation by the Enhanced Recovery Partnership (2012).