Spacelabs Healthcare is an American manufacturer of medical equipments which offers products and services from three divisions: patient monitoring and connectivity, anesthesia delivery and diagnostic cardiology. The company headquarters are in Snoqualmie, Washington State and it employs over one thousand people around the world.

Spacelabs was founded in 1958 by two scientists to develop cardiac monitoring and telemetry systems for NASA to monitor astronauts’ vital signs in the early space missions. They developed wireless vital signs monitoring for both Gemini and Apollo astronauts (see external link 1 below).

The company went on to develop sophisticated medical monitoring systems with some significant ‘firsts’ resulting in them becoming one of the top US manufacturers in the 1980s.

Spacelabs has had several owners. These include Squibb through Westmark, Instrumentarium Corporation and currently OSI Systems.

Subsequently the company has made several acquisitions to expand its portfolio adding diagnostic cardiology and anesthesia products thus forming ‘Spacelabs Healthcare’ in 2005. And nowadays Spacelabs have several distributor in allover the world.